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A social marketplace for music

New revenue streams
Earn from subs, tips, and content purchases. Revenue scaling from subscriptions allows even artists with very small fanbases to earn exponentially more than on alternative streaming platforms.
Set your price.
Not all music should have the same monetary value. Get paid for your hard work with dynamic pricing options.
Get paid instantly.
No more waiting until the end of the month to withdraw hard-earned revenue. Cash out instantly either through your bank account or to a crypto wallet of your choice - Bitcoin compatible!
More control.
Decide who sees what, give exclusive access to your die hard fans, own your content in a state-of-the-art web3 solution.
Live events
Turbocharge live shows with TRAX rewards for attendees. From early access to merch to exclusive digital content, show up for those fans who show up for you.
Royalty sharing
Music is a collaborative artform. That`s why we`re making it easier than ever to share royalties with your producers, songwriters, record label etc.

Apply for grant funding

TRAX will be launching a grant programme to provide funding and additonal support to underserved music artists across the globe.

Earn more with TRAX

Make record earnings.

At TRAX we believe that creators should be in control of their monetisation. Explore new and exciting ways to sell your music, content, merchandise and much more.

New ways to get paid
Take revenue through subscriptions, tips, and pay-per-view content. Variable pricing allows artists to set rates themselves or let fans decide how much to pay.
Industry beating rates
TRAX is leading the way on fairer revenue sharing among music platforms. Take home 90% on all transactions and 100% on all tips!
Earn in Bitcoin
Alongside regular fiat currency, TRAX is offering artists the ability to withdraw funds in $BTC as well as participate in other exciting new digital assets.
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More control with TRAX

Artist-owned, fan-powered.

Premium content, premium rates
Not all music is worth the same - TRAX’s industry research shows fans are willing to pay more money for exclusive and/or premium content.
Find your community
A personalised space to discover your inner circle. Reward fans with behind the scenes insights and get to know your community through livestreams and direct messaging.
Plans for a decentralised governance system coming soon!
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