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Discover new artists, support your favourite acts and get exclusive access to unreleased music, events, merchandise and more.

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Support artists directly

With TRAX, enhanced monetization options — including access to tips, subscriptions, and music sales — allow burgeoning artists to start making money much earlier on in their career. It is only natural to expect greater opportunities for performances, album releases, and other forms of community interaction as a result.

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Hear it first

Artists wanting to monetize access to early and/or exclusive content now have the option to reward their closest fans before going public with new releases. Listeners on TRAX can also expect to be first in line to interviews, music videos, NFT drops, and more.

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Engage to earn

As part of our development roadmap we are set to release the Curator profile later this year. For the music aficianados out there, this new feature brings with it the ability to earn as you interact, such as creating popular playlists, reposting music content or becoming an artist ambassador. More info to follow.

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